Episode 606 – Life Gets In The Way

Chad Leonard Season 6

This was supposed to be a father/son hunt for my dad and me with a father/son who are longtime family friends in Texas. Unfortunately, a medical issue arose in my family and I had to stay home but I encouraged my dad to go along to hunt with Dave and Keith Wesley and get caught up on the good work …

Episode 610 – Argentina Part 2

Chad Leonard Season 6

This is part 2 of Jason Matzinger’s and my journey to Argentina to hunt free-range red stags. His girlfriend, Cassandra joined him, as well as my wife Sherry. Cassandra filled her Axis tag, but would Jason and I fulfill our dreams taking stags?

Episode 609 – Argentina Part 1

Chad Leonard Season 6

Although I had been to Argentina once before for wingshooting, I had always had a dream of going there to chase free range stags. Through contacts made during the dove hunt the year before, the opportunity presented itself. I asked good friend, Jason Matzinger to go and we each brought our significant others: My wife Sherry and his girlfriend, Cassandra.

Episode 608 – CO Mule Deer

Chad Leonard Season 6

I hadn’t hunted deer with a rifle in Colorado for years. When Jeff Forsberg offered me a chance to buy a landowner tag and hunt with him and a couple of other friends, I took advantage of the opportunity.

Episode 607 – Texas Hog and Coyote hunt

Chad Leonard Season 6

I’m returning to Randy Peck’s family ranch, where last year we didn’t have much success on the hogs or the coyotes. Randy has done a lot of work on the ranch, getting feeders ready, adding lights and really monitoring the hog activity. I also have some cool gear that I didn’t have the year before that could have made a …

Episode 605 – Missouri Breaks Misery

Chad Leonard Season 6

Chris Nowak and I finally drew a limited tag for the Missouri Breaks in Montana. We have had success in the past, but haven’t drawn the tag in 5 years. We think we’ve timed the weather right to avoid the famed “gumbo” mud, and we’re hoping the elk rut is in full swing. Not having been there for 5 years, …

Episode 604 – Scratch That Itch…Again

Chad Leonard Season 6

Last year I headed to New Mexico to hunt a friend’s cattle ranch and had a great hunt. When the opportunity at a land owner tag was available again, I jumped at the chance, hoping for similar success.

Episode 506 – Colorado Deer and Elk Bow Hunting

Chad Leonard Season 5

Willi and his buddy Brad head to Southern Colorado to hunt archery deer. Willi scouted the area with another friend and had some good intel, but nothing could prepare them for what happened causing the animals to leave the area. They re-locate hoping to seal the deal with only a short time left in their hunt.

Episode 603 – Black Bear Dilemma

Pure Hunting Season 6

It took me a few years to draw this Colorado bear tag in unit 61. Chris and I both drew this tag and we headed out with high hopes since we knew the bear density and the area, since Chris had hunted elk in it a few years ago. I’ve hunted a long time, but never had the experience I …

Episode 602 – Arizona Stink Pigs and Song Dogs

Pure Hunting Season 6

I’ve never hunted javelina, or Arizona for that matter, so when John Stallone invited me to hunt with him I jumped at the chance. John is a resident of Arizona and has a podcast, “Interviews With The Hunting Masters”. Since I hadn’t hunted them before, I decided to use a rifle, while John and Shane were going to hunt them …