Season 2

Episode 211 – Big Sky Strut

Join me on a fun, Montana turkey hunt with Jason Matzinger of “Into High Country” and Jana Waller of “Skullbound” as well as Tim Endsley of Bad Medicine Archery. We break out the wall tents, tell campfire stories and get into some Missouri Breaks stutters.

Episode 210 – Hog Ties

Join me on this fun, entertaining hunt with MMA fighter, Luke Caudillo as we battle cactus, spiders and the August heat as we hunt for hogs in Texas.

Episode 209 – Predator Becomes Prey

Join me on a NM coyote hunt with Lance Tangen and Mike Law, two hunters who are usually behind the camera.

Episode 208 – Revenge of the Badlands

Join me as I head back to South Dakota to redeem myself from last year’s hunt. I shot a nice buck, only to search him for a day and a half and never recover him. It’s great country and terrain for a spot and stalk archery deer hunt.

Episode 207 – Nowhere to Hide

Join Willi’s long-time hunting friend and Pure Hunting Co-Host, Brad Billingsley as he goes on a DIY Colorado archery pronghorn hunt. After a long, dry summer, there’s not much cover and he finds a traditional spot and stalk hunt to be more challenging than he originally thought.

Episode 206 – Kansas Two Step

Join me as my dad and I go on our annual Kansas rifle white tail hunt. He killed a great deer last year, can he do it again?

Episode 205 – CO DIY Elk

Join Chris Nowak and me as we head to Colorado’s Limited Unit 61 on his public land, DIY archery elk hunt.

Episode 204 – Elk, Elk, Everywhere

Join me as my dad and I head ingot the mountains of Colorado for a DIY Rocky Moutain elk hunt on public land. I’m hunting with the bow and my dad has his muzzleloader. It’s the heart of the rut and I’m hoping I can get my dad a nice bull to take home to Kansas.

Episode 203 – Caribou Drop Camp

Join Chris and me as we’re dropped off in Alaska for an outfitted, DIY caribou hunt in some of the most stunning scenery there is.

Episode 202 – Florida Gator Raid

Follow Willi from his home in Colorado to join his friend, Shan Smith and Outfitter Flen Grizzaffe into the Florida swamps to hunt alligators with his bow.

Episode 201 – Badland Bow Birds

After hunting in South Dakota for deer the previous fall and seeing a ton of turkeys, I figured it would be a fun hunt this spring. I’m heading back for an archery turkey hunt with 2 tags in my pocket.