Choosing the Right Optic Combination for Your Hunt

Put Your Optics to Work for You on Your Next Hunting Trip

Hunters invest hard work, dedicate valuable time, and go the extra mile to do their part to make a hunt come together. Gear is put to the test, as well as the strength and endurance of a hunter’s body and emotions. It’s critical, when a hunt comes together, to have the best tools and equipment that are right for you and your hunt. Choosing the right optics is a paramount decision for big game hunting, especially hunting big country like the vast expanses of the west.  

An investment in quality optics and advanced improvements in optics technology should be considered a critical component of your hunt. Your choice in optics will weigh heavily on methods and opportunities for success. Putting those tools to work in an efficient and dynamic approach makes your hunts more productive and rewarding. The keystone optics aside from your rifle scope on the hunt, include binoculars, range finder, and spotting scope. Consider the synergy between the tools in your kit, how they can efficiently be used in conjunction with one another, and any efficiencies one tool can offer the other, either in pairing or in practice.



Rangefinder and Binocular Combination   

For decades, the optics toolkit for almost any big game hunt included a quality pair of binoculars, and a quality range finder. Both of these tools are critical to the hunt, both for finding and targeting game, and for accuracy. Optics companies have played around with the idea of a combined rangefinder / binocular combination unit for years, often resulting in good binoculars that were decent at range finding, or a good range finder with decent binoculars.  


Vortex Fury Laser Rangefinding Binoculars 

Vortex Optics has found a winner by combining their trusted 10X42 roof prism binoculars with their dependable laser range finder, producing an all in one critical tool for the hunt and the hunter. The Fury optics line by Vortex offers versatility, convenience, speed and efficiency in the field with dual purpose functionality. Vortex Fury range finding binoculars combine the advantages of high definition binocular lenses with an angle compensated laser range finder.


Advantages of Rangefinding Binoculars 

Combining Binoculars and Rangefinder Offers Less to Keep Track of 

By combining two critical tools into one compact and easy to use package, the hunter is offered a level of ease, and has only one tool to look after. When you’re engaged in the hunt, making considerations and deciding tactics for things like wind, topography, and terrain; having one less tool to worry about being left behind, staying clean, keeping dry, and in kept working order is huge.  


Glassing and Ranging Behind a Single Optic 

A rangefinder / binocular combination offers hunters the ability to quickly and seamlessly both glass and range during long glassing sessions, on a spot and stalk, or during fast action. Providing the capability to focus on a distant object with quality binoculars and determine the conclusive range to that object without having to lower the binoculars, and find the target again in a new optic is incredible. Glassing distant ridges, canyons, and tree lines behind powerful binoculars with the ability to simply push a button for an accurate range is a game changer for the hunter who lets their optics do the leg work.



Using Rangefinding Binoculars with a Hunting Partner 

Hunting fellowship and friendships are a critical part of the outdoor and hunting adventure experience. Whether you share your trips with family or a certain group of exceptional friends who appreciate your passion, learning tactics for hunting together can put you in a fantastic position to fill that tag.  

Glassing sessions and spot and stalk hunts with a glassing team will put more eyes on the terrain and on the big game you pursue. Exceptional rangefinding binoculars offer a spotter the ability to track a wide field of view, and range quickly and efficiently, especially moving targets. Putting eyes on a group of moving game animals and your hunting partner on the stalk at the same time with the convenience of push button ranges is a game changer. Communication through hand signals between spotter and shooter with accurate ranges and not having to switch optics from binos to range finder can mean the difference between making the shot happen, and getting busted.


Rangefinding Binoculars Pair Perfectly with a Spotting Scope



Spotting scopes are must have tools for finding big game in big country. Their ability to bring far off objects close, collect light in low light conditions, and focus on details of remote objects is critical. With a quality spotting scope, you can not only find that far off game animal, but examine it in detail without putting miles on your boots. Spotting scopes allow you to scout miles of territory, distant ridges, remote water holes, and far off canyons efficiently and strategically; letting your eyes do the work and saving your legs for the hunt. Use a quality spotting scope like the Vortex Viper lineup to not only identify far off game animals, but to pick out landmarks and plan travel corridors according to the topography and the wind.   

While spotting scopes provide a crucial and integral part of your hunting strategy, they inherently have a vulnerability of tunnel vision. The same proficiency that offers magnified detail and the ability to concentrate on small areas of far off geography, also bears the susceptibleness of losing sight of the larger picture. The constricted vision of a spotting scope can be like wearing blinders, even losing relationship to the distance to far off objects. Pairing the wide field of view offered by binoculars with the focus of a spotting scope is an amazingly effective glassing strategy. Through incorporating rangefinding binoculars into the mix, you’ve put together the ultimate toolkit. All the advantages that the rangefinder binoculars bring to bear on the hunt are magnified when paired with a spotting scope.



Choosing the Right Hunting Optics 

Big game hunting seasons seem to always be on the edge. Opportunities come and go, and your ability to capitalize on those opportunities when they present themselves can be the difference between a filled tag and going home empty handed. Putting together a glassing strategy that incorporates the right tools and tactics for your hunt is a sure way to get ahead of the curve. Consider advantages in optics technology, scouting and glassing strategies, and the return on your investment when it comes to quality optics for your hunt.