Season 3

Episode 311 – Schooled Fooled and Ruled

This episode wraps up 3 full seasons of Pure Hunting. A compilation of what Pure Hunting stands for, showing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the adventures we’ve had and the people we’ve met. It’s hard to believe we’ve had 3 seasons and season 4 is right around the corner.

Episode 310 – Born With A Bang

Follow along as Jim Burgen, Lead Pastor at Flatirons Church, heads out to Southern Colorado on his first ever big game hunt, for early season rifle elk.

Episode 309 – No Holds Bear’d

I’ve hunted bears a couple of times, but have yet to bring one home. For this bear hunt, I’m going along with Santino Castellanos as we join Dan and Rod Staton in Idaho. We’re staying at their family cabin and hunting with bows and rifles on the baits they maintain on land that is available to anyone. Hopefully this year …

Episode 308 – Into the Maze

I have hunted this part of South Dakots the last two years. This year I’m introducing my buddy, Brad Billngsley to this great, spot and stalk archery deer hunt. Hopefully we’ll have the same success I had last year. Come along as we chase whitetails and mule deer in the badlands of South Dakota.

Episode 307 – Deer Double Down

Join my friends, Luke Caudillo and Santino Castellanos as they head to Nebraska to hunt whitetails during the rifle season in November. After returning, Santino still has a Colorado “B” license burning a hole in his pocket and I get to join him on this hunt as he tries to fill it.

Episode 306 – Into Hells Canyon

On this episode I head to Idaho for a rifle whitetail hunt with Jay Robert from Tenzing and Jana Waller of “Skullbound TV”. Jay Robert was our host on this hunt. Hells Canyon is a unique and spectacular place. There are a lot of firsts on this trip, and there is lots of wildlife, but is an Idaho whitetail in …

Episode 305 – Hog Wild

Follow along as I head to Texas with Jim Burgen, pastor of Flatirons Church to hunt hogs. This is only my second hog hunt, Jim’s first and his son Jordan’s first hunt ever. We’re hunting some land that a family of a missionary friend of Jim’s owns.

Episode 304 – Rocky Mountain Rams

Follow along as Co-Host Chris Nowak for his Colorado archery Bighorn Sheep. It took him 13 years to draw this tag and he’s hunting like we nearly always do, DIY on public land and we love it!

Episode 303 – Trophy Gamble

Follow along as I join Chris on his trophy pronghorn hunt in Colorado. It took him 13 years to draw the tag and it’s his first ever pronghorn hunt.

Episode 302 – Raining Elk

Follow along as Willi heads to Colorado’s Unit 76 for a limited draw archery elk tag.

Episode 301 – Caribou Drop Camp, Part 2

Join Chris Nowak and me for the second part of our Alaskan drop camp caribou adventure.