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Building Big Game Hunting Arrows | Typhoon Element Arrows

For years I’ve shot the same arrow setup and as of late I’ve been contemplating changing that arrow setup. With the recent trend and growing awareness of increasing an arrows FOC and the benefits that it brings I’ve decided to change my arrow set up this season to increase arrow weight and achieve a much more desirable arrow FOC.
The acronym FOC stands for front of center and it is the percentage of an arrow’s total weight that is in the front half of the arrow. The more weight that is in the front half of the arrow the higher it’s FOC will be. An arrow with a higher FOC will stabilize the flight of an arrow and increase its downrange accuracy. It’s one of the key elements in shaping the trajectory of the arrow. The ideal percentage for FOC for hunting is between 10%-15% but some hunters go even higher. It all depends on how your setup tunes and the desired results you’re attempting to achieve.
In this short segment, we share and explain the arrow and components chosen to achieve my arrow FOC.

South Dakota Deer Hunting

Interested in a South Dakota archery deer hunt?  Here are some South Dakota deer hunting tips and tactics.  This is an awesome hunt you can do on your own, little cost involved with a chance at both whitetail and mule deer in some really cool country. Take advantage of these South Dakota deer hunting tips and tactics to find success in this pure hunting adventure.

Alaskan Caribou Hunting

Interested in an Alaska caribou hunt?  Here’s is a video of some Alaskan caribou hunting tips and tactics. The adventure of this destination hunt is thrilling, but there are some things you need to know and consider.  If you want to see the Pure Hunting hunts, check out Pure Hunting’s Season 2, Episode 3 “Caribou Drop Camp” on this channel! Don’t miss this pure hunting adventure and make sure you know and consider these Alaskan caribou hunting tips and tactics.

DIY Elk Hunting

Sometimes NOT calling to elk is the best strategy. This is a key, knowing these DIY elk hunting tips and tactics can mean success. of these, Chris Nowak, co-host of Pure Hunting explains why not calling to elk might be your best chance. Chris goes into more than just a simple tip, he goes into everything you need to consider when calling elk on a DIY elk hunting trip.

Elk Calling

Looking to go on a elk hunt in the near future? Don’t miss these elk calling tips and tactics that could mean the difference on your DIY elk hunt! Of these, not calling too much, and how to use two hunters are just some of the valuable elk calling tips and tactics you will want to know and consider. Which type of elk call should you use? Which elk calls should you take to the field? How much should you call? How aggressive should you sound? All these are important elk calling tips and tactics to know.

Pronghorn Hunting Tips and Tactics

Another tips and tactics video we did that ties into “Nowhere to Hide” from Season 2. Pronghorn hunting tips and tactics directly after the hunt! Be sure to check out the full version including these tips and tactics in greater detail on the Pure Hunting blog.

Bow Hunting Turkeys

An oldie but a goodie for a few tips and tactics for hunting turkeys with a bow, NOT out of a blind. Turkey hunting with a bow always seems to incorporate a blind to simply hide the motion of drawing a bow back.

Coyote Calls & FOXPRO Coyote Calls