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Two Things to Keep in Mind When Waterfowl Hunting

Here at pure hunting, we enjoy spending time outdoors enjoying everything that nature has provided us.  Although we truly enjoy hitting the plains of the upper mid-west or the high country of the Rocky Mountains in search of large game like elk, caribou, and pronghorn, the winter months provide plenty of opportunities to chase other game species that are equally as challenging and just as fun to chase.

The United States is home to some of the best waterfowl hunting in the world.  From the prairie potholes of the northern plains to flooded green timber of the delta, there are countless opportunities to get out and pull the trigger on multiple species of ducks and geese.  Waterfowl hunting, especially duck hunting can be just a challenging as trying to spot and stalk a large game animal like a mule deer or antelope.  That is what makes duck hunting and goose hunting so rewarding when a hunt finally comes together.  Success doesn’t come easy, and you have to be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to put yourself in the best possible position for success.

Nebraska Waterfowl Hunting | Pure Hunting S.4 Ep.9 “Collect Calling”

(Video)- Join Chris and me as I take him to the Panhandle of Nebraska for some December waterfowl action. This waterfowl hunting video is full of duck hunting and goose hunting, and plenty of waterfowl hunting tips. Also a great training day for my waterfowl retriever, Trigger! What you will also see on this waterfowl hunting video is some deluxe waterfowl blind hunting. These pit blinds are a waterfowl hunter’s paradise.


Concealment is the Name of the Game

Waterfowl hunting is often underrated in terms of difficulty. If you have ever tried to hunt waterfowl, then  chances are you know that while there is certainly an elevated level of camaraderie and fun, it  doesn’t mean that there is little skill and effort involved.  In fact, the truth is quite the opposite.

Waterfowl Hunting Tips | Pure HuntingWaterfowl have an unbelievable sense of sight that would rival any pronghorn or elk.  In fact, it is often argued that waterfowl have an unmatched ability to see contrasts and reflection better than almost any other game species.  In addition, unlike the 4-legged animals we hunt, birds can see color.  So it goes without saying that while there are a lot of factors that go into being successful when it comes to waterfowl hunting, concealment is certainly the name of the game.

Concealment really has two points that often require addressing.  The first is the physical effort of camouflaging your blind or deer stand.  This effort involves physically “brushing in” your blind, site, or yourself to match the environment.  Sometimes this step is missed or not addressed to the level it should be and often the hunter pays the price.  That being said, sometimes if you do not fully address point one, point two can bail you out.  The second point to concealment is your camo pattern.  Having an excellent camo pattern that addresses both contrast and color scheme is “must have” when hunting in general, but especially when hunting waterfowl.  There are many different brands of waterfowl hunting camo available on the market today, however for us, there is only one that we depend on day in and day out, and that is Wicked Wing line of waterfowl gear from Browning.



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Waterfowl Hunting Tips wing wear | Pure Hunting


From the 4 in 1 parka to the Timber Fleece Hoodie, the Wicked Wing line of waterfowl clothing and accessories offer absolutely everything that the serious waterfowl hunter has come to need in their outerwear.  The durable construction and design have everything that the serious waterfowl hunter needs.  With most items available in either Mossy Oak BLADES or Realtree Max-5, the Wicked Wing line of waterfowl hunting gear will keep you warm, comfortable and concealed this fall.  Make sure to choose the right pattern for your hunting location.  Darker patterns work better in the timber and the lighter patterns out west  and in marshy areas.

You Ammo is Everything

In hunting, you are only as effective as your weakest link.  This statement holds true when it comes to  waterfowl hunting.  There are many different factors to waterfowl hunting where this statement could hold true, however, every year there will be hunters who will ensure that they have all of their gear boxes checked with good quality gear, yet will choose to skimp on their waterfowl ammo.  Ensuring that you are packing a brand of waterfowl ammo that will fire no matter what the conditions are is a critical piece to successful waterfowl hunting.  To top it off, it is also important that your ammo provides you the best bang for your buck in terms of effective range and knock down power.

For our money, there is no better waterfowl ammo than the BXD line from Browning.  Utilizing a long-range wad and plated round steel shot, the BXD line of waterfowl ammo from Browning will ensure that you retain your pattern density while keeping your knockdown power at long distances.  On top of that, its design and construction will help keep your powder dry and performing regardless of the situations or conditions.  If you are chasing ducks or geese, then the BXD line of ammo from Browning has to be in your waterfowl pack this fall.


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Unlike big game hunting where you may only shoot once for the season, there are usually multiple shotgun blasts in a single day of waterfowl hunting, both from you and/or your hunting partner(s).  Being able to hear wingbeats, the honk of a goose and the conversation of your hunting partners is important, but protecting your hearing from the blast of a shotgun is crucial.  Investing in a quality pair of hearing protection, like those from Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP) gives you the hearing protection you need while allowing you to hear what you need to.

Waterfowl Hunting Tips | Pure HuntingIf your big game season is over or if you are looking for a new hunting opportunity that may not take many days or weeks of your time, we suggest you grab yourself a pair of waders and a few decoys and hit the lake, river or the marsh in search of waterfowl.  Be sure to bring the right ammo, don’t skimp on the camo, and you should be well on your way to pulling the trigger on a few ducks and geese this fall!